helios automazioni studio marco piva Marmomacc


Sinuosity and light

The lithic material is presented in an unusual duality of consistency and dynamicity, in a space considered of front and reflexion, material of solid but at the same time flexible seating on which lay down and meditate. Epigrams, considerations and thoughts ideally impressed on thin marble, curved layers on which are symbolically pictured like papers blown in the wind.

In the installation the marble shows its nature and at the same time becomes something else, in the space where history is not yet written: a cue of conversation of new possibilities offered from technology and artisan know-how capable of shaping this material in forms more and more new and surprising.

Design: Marco Piva

Materials: White Carrara

Schermata 2018-04-15 alle 01.53.52.png
Schermata 2018-04-15 alle 01.54.12.png